Asbury Park Nursing & Rehabilitation

Post Acute Care

Asbury Park Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

2257 Fair Oaks Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95825

: (916) 649-2000
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Asbury Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a 139 bed Medicare and Medi-Cal certified and licensed skilled nursing facility in the heart of Sacramento.

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Our Clients Touching Story

Hi Doug, in  this very challenging time of health care I wish to share with you one of the many success stories carried out by your staff and facility of Asbury Park. I am a hospice social worker with Sutter. I have a patient whose spouse was in dire need of a respite. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and needed to have a procedure performed ASAP. She has no family who could assist with care while she recuperated. As with any of our hospice patients we do not guarantee a respite bed can be obtained. I had a feeling of dread when I started my search during this pandemic. My  obvious choice was to reach out to your admissions department  head Debi Morales. Without fail, she communicated quickly and clearly. Our biggest obstacle was obtaining a Covid 19 test to meet the state requirement of admission. During this process, Debi was calm, supportive and informative. We were able to meet the requirements and your facility provided the 5 day respite. Upon his discharge back to his home our RN case manager commented on the excellent care that had been provided by staff and that his  wounds looked to be better. The most moving part for me in writing this email to you is the response we received from his spouse.  Her procedure went better than they had expected with minimal down time. She stated it is the most rest she has been able to get since her spouse became terminal. She was eternally grateful and appreciated the kind and loving care her spouse received. As she stated to me, “ a weight was lifted from my shoulders and now I can focus on the time we have left together.”

As always, I appreciate your staffs devotion to duty and the commitment your facility provides to meet the needs of our most vulnerable.



  • I am so pleased with all the staff here at Asbury Park. Very professional and a very clean facility. They have excellent care givers and their RN’s are top notch. I am impressed with the rehab team as well as the leadership and management team. LOVE LOVE this place. The best short term post acute care in Sacramento.
    Deanna Hawkins
  • Asbury Park is different. They take the time to collaborate with local hospitals and medical care team members to make the transition seamless and easy.The staff there truly care about you and your loved one and have fun activities to nurture them and make the healing process easier and less of a bore in their time of need, such activities include karaoke.
    Brandi H.
    Family of Resident
  • “Staff were wonderful at time of visit. I was with my father and a family member needed rehab, physical, occupational and speech therapy. I've been to other facilities before, but this one has to be the best so far. ”
    Derek S.
    Family of Resident

Our vision is for inclusive and inter-disciplinary patient care.

Complex medical conditions often require attention from a variety of medical specialists. Asbury Park Nursing & Rehabilitation Center meets our patients’ diverse needs by having a team of pain management specialists, nephrologists, pulmonologists, wound care experts, physical therapists, and more ready to act on a moment’s notice.